Outside Scholarship Search

In support of our current and potential students, Gonzaga’s Financial Aid Office maintains a database of scholarships for students to access, search and apply for awards. Search our list of scholarships by completing the section below.

Tips for Searching:
  • Don't narrow your search too much; otherwise, you may miss out on an opportunity!
  • For those who would like to narrow the search, check the appropriate boxes or select the appropriate dropdown to restrict the results to scholarships that apply to one of those selections. For example, checking "Historically Underrepresented and/or Traditionally Marginalized" and selecting "Only Female" will only show scholarships that require you to fit one of those criteria (either Female or Historically Underrepresented and/or Traditionally Marginalized). It does not mean the listed scholarships are the only ones available to you.

For scholarships that require a paper application please contact the Financial Aid Office at (509) 313-6582, by email at or visit our office located in College Hall.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities exist through many organizations within your community, and we encourage you to pursue them whenever possible. Contact your guidance counselor or check with service organizations such as Knights of Columbus, Rotary Club, and Elks Club. Other possible sponsors include employers, parent's employers, trade associations, banks, credit unions, corporations, schools, and churches.

Please select search criteria below, or leave them blank to see all scholarships. Please note that any criteria selected will restrict the results-- you will get a list of scholarships that require the selections.
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